Who Buys Used Golf Balls Near Me?

Who buys used golf balls near me refers to finding individuals or businesses in your local area that purchase pre-owned golf balls. People often seek them to earn money or recycle old golf balls. This helps golfers and sellers by providing a convenient way to sell or dispose of unwanted golf balls while benefiting the environment and saving money for buyers.

Are you wondering, Who buys used golf balls near me? Look no further! If you’ve got a stash of golf balls you no longer need, there are local options available to turn them into cash. Discover the easiest way to sell your used golf balls and put some extra green back in your pocket.

Who buys used golf balls near me is a common inquiry among golfers looking to sell their surplus golf balls. Finding local buyers for your used golf balls can save you time and effort. Stay with us to learn more about the convenient options available in your area for selling those extra golf balls you no longer need.

Where to Sell Golf Balls Near You

Looking to find the best options for selling golf balls near you? When it comes to parting ways with your surplus golf balls, local solutions are often the most convenient. You’ll discover a variety of buyers, from avid golfers to golf shops, eager to take those extra golf balls off your hands.

Selling golf balls near you is not only a practical way to declutter your golfing gear but can also put some cash back in your pocket. Whether you prefer online listings, local golf courses, or pro shops, knowing where to sell golf balls near you, including those with divots on a golf ball, ensures a hassle-free process, allowing you to make the most of your golfing treasures.

Sell Golf Balls to Your Local Golf Course:

Many local golf courses are open to purchasing used golf balls. They often use these balls for practice or to resell to their customers. Contact your nearby golf course to inquire about their interest in buying your golf balls.

Sell to Your Local Driving Range:

Local driving ranges are another great option. They are constantly in need of practice golf balls for their customers. Get in touch with your nearest driving range to discuss the possibility of selling your used golf balls to them.

Sell to Golfers That You Know:

If you have fellow golfing enthusiasts in your network, consider selling your used golf balls to them. It’s a straightforward way to pass on your extra golf balls while helping out friends or acquaintances who may be interested in acquiring them.

We Buy Balls!

We Buy Balls is your one-stop solution for turning your surplus golf balls into cash. Our service offers a hassle-free and quick way to sell your used golf balls, providing you with a convenient and profitable option. Whether you’re a golf enthusiast with excess golf balls or just looking to declutter, we are here to assist you in the process of selling your golf balls.

When you choose “We Buy Balls!” you can count on a straightforward and reliable approach to selling your golf balls. We make the process simple and transparent, ensuring you receive a fair value for your golf ball collection. Say goodbye to unused golf balls and hello to extra money in your pocket by choosing “We Buy Balls!” for all your golf ball-selling needs.

Selling your used golf balls?

Are you thinking about selling your used golf balls? If you have a collection of golf balls lying around, there are various ways to turn them into cash. Whether you’re looking to declutter your golf bag or want to make some extra money, selling your used golf balls can be a straightforward and profitable endeavour.

Selling your used golf balls is a practical choice for golfers who accumulate more balls than they can use. It’s an eco-friendly option as well since it promotes recycling. With multiple avenues to sell these balls, you can find the best option that suits your needs, be it local buyers or online platforms.

12 Best Places Where You Can Sell Used Golf Balls Today

Place to Sell Used Golf BallsDescription
Local Golf CoursesMany offer ball retrieval programs.
Golf Ball RetailersSome stores buy used balls.
Online MarketplacesPlatforms like eBay or Facebook Marketplace.
Specialty Golf Ball BuyersCompanies that focus on used golf balls.
Driving RangesSome have buyback programs.
CraigslistAn online classified ads platform.
Golf ShopsLocal stores specializing in golf.
Pawn ShopsThey may accept golf balls.
Golfing CommunitiesOnline forums or clubs for golf enthusiasts.
Garage SalesSell at your own garage sale.
Sporting Goods StoresSome purchases used golf balls.
Recycling CentersFor environmentally-conscious options.

Please note that availability and terms may vary, so it’s a good idea to check with the specific places for their policies on buying used golf balls.

Selling Crafts Using Golf Balls

Creating and selling crafts using golf balls is a creative and fun way to repurpose these sports items. By upcycling golf balls, craft enthusiasts can make unique and eye-catching items like ornaments, garden decorations, and even jewellery. Whether you’re a passionate golfer or just looking for a creative project, selling crafts made from golf balls can be a rewarding and eco-friendly endeavour.

Crafting with golf balls not only allows you to explore your artistic side but also provides an opportunity to turn a hobby into a small business. These repurposed golf ball crafts can be sold online, at local craft fairs, or even through personalized gift shops. The possibilities are endless, making it an exciting venture for those who enjoy both golf and DIY projects.

best place to sell used golf balls

If you’re searching for the ideal spot to sell your used golf balls, you’re in the right place. Finding the best place to sell used golf balls can be a lucrative venture for golf enthusiasts who want to earn some extra cash. Stay with us to explore the top options and discover how to make the most out of your pre-owned golf balls.

When it comes to selling used golf balls, you’ll want to know the best options available. From online platforms to local golf shops, we’ll guide you through the most effective and convenient ways to turn your excess golf balls into money. So, if you’re looking for the perfect destination to sell those golf balls, you’ve come to the right source for all the information you need.

Where to Sell Used Golf Balls Online

If you’re wondering where to sell used golf balls online, you’re in luck! The internet offers a plethora of platforms and marketplaces to turn your pre-loved golf balls into cash. Many websites specialize in golf-related items and provide a hassle-free way for you to list and sell your golf balls to a broader audience of golf enthusiasts.

Whether you have a few gently used golf balls or a surplus of them, selling them online is a convenient and efficient option. You can choose from various online platforms that cater to golfers looking for quality golf balls at a reasonable price. Stay tuned to explore these online avenues and discover how easy it is to sell your used golf balls online.


  • LostGolfBalls is a well-known company that specializes in the retrieval, cleaning, and reselling of used golf balls.
  • They offer a wide range of golf balls, from premium brands to budget options, all carefully sorted and graded based on their condition.
  • Customers can purchase golf balls from LostGolfBalls at various quality levels and price points, making it a popular choice for golfers looking to save money on golf balls.

Golf Ball Planet

  • Golf Ball Planet is an online retailer that focuses on selling high-quality, recycled golf balls at competitive prices.
  • They provide golfers with a convenient and cost-effective way to purchase golf balls from top brands, often at a fraction of the price of new balls.
  • Golf Ball Planet is a go-to destination for those seeking affordable yet dependable golf ball options.

Golf Ball Buyer

  • Golf Ball Buyer is a service that allows individuals to sell their used golf balls for a fair price.
  • They purchase golf balls from people and then sort and grade them before selling to other golfers or distributors.
  • This service is beneficial for golfers who want to earn money from their excess golf balls or simply recycle them in an environmentally-friendly way.


What is the best way to sell used golf balls?

Best way to sell used golf balls is online through platforms like LostGolfBalls, eBay, or local pro shops for convenience and profit.

Is there any value in old golf balls?

Yes, old golf balls have value. Their price depends on brand, condition, and quality, making them a cost-effective option for many golfers.

Why do people buy used golf balls?

People buy used golf balls for affordability, good performance, and eco-friendliness, promoting recycling and reducing waste in golf.

What is the most expensive golf ball?

The most expensive golf balls are custom or limited-edition, often costing hundreds of dollars for collectors or luxury golf enthusiasts.


In the quest to find answers to the question, Who buys used golf balls near me? it becomes evident that local solutions are within arm’s reach. Whether it’s the local golf course, pro shop, or even passionate golfers in your community, there are options for selling your surplus golf balls. These local avenues offer convenience and a chance to connect with fellow golf enthusiasts who appreciate the value of pre-owned golf balls.

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