How To Tell If A Golf Ball Is Waterlogged?

A golf ball is waterlogged when it absorbs water, becoming heavy and affecting its performance. To check, squeeze the ball gently – if water oozes out, it’s waterlogged. You can also listen for a dull sound when dropped. A waterlogged ball won’t fly as far or straight.

Are you wondering how to tell if a golf ball is waterlogged? It’s a simple yet crucial skill for every golfer. When a golf ball becomes waterlogged, its performance takes a dive. But fear not, we’ll show you the easy steps to determine if your golf ball has taken on unwanted moisture. Stay tuned to discover the secrets of identifying a waterlogged golf ball with just a squeeze and a drop!

Staying with us means learning how to tell if a golf ball is waterlogged, a valuable skill for any golfer. Detecting a waterlogged ball can improve your game and overall golfing experience. Keep reading to discover the simple techniques for identifying this issue in just a few moments.

can waterlogged golf balls be dried out

Wondering if waterlogged golf balls can be dried out? The answer is not straightforward. While some golfers attempt to dry them, it’s challenging to fully restore their original performance. 

When a golf ball absorbs water, its core can expand, altering its weight and balance. Drying them might help to some extent, but they often never return to their prime condition.

Efforts to dry waterlogged golf balls typically involve leaving them in a dry place for a few days or using various techniques. 

However, it’s best to prioritize prevention, keeping your golf balls dry in the first place. Storing them properly and replacing waterlogged balls with fresh ones is often the most effective strategy for maintaining your golf game’s consistency.

How to tell if a golf ball is waterlogged without

Detecting whether a golf ball is waterlogged is a fundamental skill for golfers. This ability can significantly impact your game’s performance. Without the knowledge of how to check for waterlogging, you may unknowingly be playing with compromised golf balls, leading to less distance and accuracy in your shots.

“However, it’s important to understand how wind affect a golf ball. With a few simple techniques, you can easily determine if a golf ball is waterlogged without any specialized tools. By following these straightforward steps, you’ll be able to assess your golf balls and ensure they’re in optimal condition for a better day on the golf course.”

how long does it take for a golf ball to get waterlogged

The time it takes for a golf ball to get waterlogged depends on various factors. Exposure to moisture and the quality of the ball are primary determinants. In wet conditions, a golf ball may become waterlogged in a matter of hours, while it can take days in less humid environments.

A golf ball’s cover and core integrity also play a role. Low-quality balls may succumb to waterlogging sooner than premium ones. To extend the life of your golf balls, store them in a dry place and inspect them regularly for signs of moisture absorption.

do waterlogged golf balls weigh more

Many wonder if waterlogged golf balls weigh more. The answer is yes, they do. When a golf ball absorbs water, it gains weight, which can affect its performance on the course. So, if you’re concerned about the weight of your golf balls, it’s essential to ensure they stay dry to maintain their optimal playability.

A waterlogged golf ball’s increased weight can lead to reduced distance and accuracy when you tee off. To prevent this, it’s essential to keep your golf balls dry, as moisture can make them heavier and less responsive. So, the next time you’re out on the course, remember that waterlogged golf balls do indeed weigh more, impacting your game.

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how to un waterlog a golf ball

If you’re wondering how to un-waterlog a golf ball, it’s actually quite simple. First, place the waterlogged ball in a dry, warm area for a few days. The heat will help evaporate the trapped moisture. After a while, give the ball a squeeze to check for any remaining water. 

If it’s still waterlogged, try puncturing a small hole in the ball to release the water, and then plug it securely. Be cautious when doing this to avoid damaging the ball. With a little patience and care, you can often rescue a waterlogged golf ball and have it ready for your next game.

do golf balls get waterlogged

Golf balls can indeed become waterlogged. When a golf ball absorbs water, it can negatively impact its performance, causing it to fly shorter distances and unpredictably. It’s essential for golfers to be aware of the signs of waterlogging in their golf balls to maintain the integrity of their game.

Waterlogging typically occurs when a golf ball’s outer cover is compromised, allowing moisture to seep in. This can happen when golf balls are exposed to wet conditions or submerged in water hazards. 

To determine if a golf ball is waterlogged, you can perform simple tests like squeezing it gently to check for water leakage or listening for a dull sound when dropped.

polish golf balls

Polishing golf balls is a common practice among golfers aiming to keep their equipment in top shape. The process involves cleaning the golf balls to remove dirt, scuff marks, and grass stains that can affect their performance. This simple maintenance routine helps golfers maintain consistent play, ensuring that their shots remain accurate and distance isn’t compromised.

To polish golf balls, you can use a soft cloth, warm soapy water, or even specialized golf ball cleaners. Gently rubbing the surface of the balls can restore their shine and reduce the impact of imperfections. Regularly polished golf balls are more likely to perform at their best, making it an essential step in keeping your golf game on par.


How do I clean golf balls effectively? 

Use warm, soapy water and a soft cloth to remove dirt and stains gently.

Can I use a dishwasher to clean golf balls?

 It’s not recommended; dishwashers may damage golf ball coatings.

Will polishing golf balls improve my game? 

Polishing can enhance performance by reducing scuff marks and stains.

How often should I polish my golf balls? 

Regularly polish them to maintain consistency; frequency depends on use.


Knowing how to tell if a golf ball is waterlogged is a fundamental skill for any golfer. This knowledge empowers players to ensure the integrity of their equipment, ultimately leading to improved performance on the course. 

By recognizing the signs of waterlogging through simple techniques like squeezing and listening for that telltale dull sound, golfers can maintain their edge and enjoy a more consistent and enjoyable game.

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