Golf Ball Gender Reveal

A golf ball gender reveal is a creative and unique way to announce the gender of a baby. Participants gather, eager to discover whether the golf ball, when struck, will reveal pink for a girl or blue for a boy. It combines the excitement of a gender reveal with the sporty charm of golf, making it a memorable and enjoyable event for friends and family.

Imagine the suspense as the golf club swings, and the ball soars through the air, concealing the secret within its core. The anticipation builds, akin to the rising peaks of a graph, until the decisive moment when the ball bursts forth in a burst of color, unveiling the baby’s gender. The thrill of the reveal and the graph-like ascent of emotions make a golf ball gender reveal a delightful and shared experience for everyone involved.

A golf ball gender reveal adds a touch of excitement to the traditional gender reveal party. It involves a specially crafted golf ball filled with colored powder corresponding to the baby’s gender. The golfer, often the expectant parent or a close friend, takes a swing, and upon impact, the ball erupts in a vivid display of either pink or blue, creating a moment of joyous celebration and graphing emotions as attendees share in the revelry.

XL Golf Ball Gender Reveal

Golf Ball Gender Reveal

The XL Golf Ball Gender Reveal is a larger-than-life version of the traditional gender reveal concept. Packed with anticipation, this oversized golf ball contains colored powder indicating the baby’s gender. When the golfer takes a swing, the XL ball bursts in a spectacular display, unveiling the exciting news with a vivid explosion of either pink or blue. This unique twist on the classic golf ball gender reveal adds an extra element of surprise and celebration to the joyous occasion, making it a memorable event for all involved.

How To Make A Gender Reveal Golf Ball?

How To Make A Gender Reveal Golf Ball?

Creating a gender reveal golf ball is easy and fun. First, gather a hollow golf ball, colored powder (either pink or blue), and a drill. Carefully drill a small hole into the golf ball, making sure not to damage it. Then, fill the ball with the corresponding colored powder, seal the hole, and your gender reveal golf ball is ready.

When it’s time for the reveal, simply have someone take a swing at the golf ball with a club. Upon impact, the ball will burst, revealing the colored powder inside, and everyone will joyfully discover the baby’s gender in a sporty and memorable way.

Golf Ball Gender Reveal Review

The Golf Ball Gender Reveal received positive reviews for its unique and exciting twist on announcing a baby’s gender. Users appreciate the simplicity of the concept—swinging a golf club to reveal either pink or blue powder. Many find it a fun and engaging way to share the special moment with friends and family, creating lasting memories. The overall sentiment is one of satisfaction with the product’s effectiveness in adding an element of surprise and joy to the traditional gender reveal celebration.

User Experiences

Individual experiences with the Golf Ball Gender Reveal highlight the ease of use and the excitement it brings to the event. Users mention the quality construction of the golf ball, ensuring a dramatic burst of color upon impact. The reviews emphasize the emotional impact of the reveal, describing it as a heartwarming moment that adds a playful and dynamic element to the gender reveal celebration. Whether it’s the anticipation of the swing or the joy of the colorful explosion, users find the Golf Ball Gender Reveal to be a delightful and memorable addition to their special occasions.

Golf Ball Gender Reveal Price

Types and Prices:

  • Exploding golf balls: Filled with colored powder that explodes upon impact. Usually come in sets of two (one pink and one blue) for $10-$20 per set.
  • Powder-filled golf balls: Have a small hole for pouring in colored powder. Generally cheaper at $5-$10 each.
  • Confetti-filled golf balls: Release confetti instead of powder. Cost around $15-$20 per set.

Quantity Discounts:

Additional Features:

  • Personalization (adding baby’s name or due date) or custom powder colors can increase the price.

Specific Examples:

  • Amazon: POPUPARTY 2 Pack Gender Reveal Golf Balls: $11.99
  • Etsy: Gender Reveal Golf Ball: $18.00
  • Sass Party & Gifts Gender Reveal Exploding Golf Balls: £12.99 (around $15.33 USD)

Shopping Tips:

  • Compare prices from different retailers to find the best deal for your budget.
  • Consider the type of golf ball, quantity, and any desired features when making your decision.


How does the golf ball gender reveal work?

Swinging a golf club reveals colored powder inside, indicating the baby’s gender in a fun and dynamic way.

What gender is a golf ball?

Color varies—blue for a boy or pink for a girl, adding a surprise element to gender reveal celebrations.

What are exploding golf balls made of?

Exploding golf balls are filled with non-toxic colored powder for a vibrant and safe reveal experience.

Are women’s golf balls different?

Women’s golf balls typically share the same construction as men’s, with variations in design, color, and sometimes compression for preferences.


The golf ball gender reveal brings joy and surprise to celebrating a baby’s gender. With a swing of a golf club, the colored explosion creates cherished moments. This simple and engaging concept transforms a traditional reveal into a memorable event for family and friends. The excitement of discovering pink or blue adds a unique touch to the celebration. 

The golf ball gender reveal stands out for its easy execution, creating lasting memories and fostering a sense of shared happiness. It’s a delightful and accessible way to make a special announcement, making the occasion even more memorable and enjoyable for everyone involved.

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