Does Nike Make Golf Balls Anymore?

Yes, Nike used to make golf balls, but they stopped producing them in 2016. They decided to exit the golf equipment business, including golf balls. Nike shifted its focus back to footwear, apparel, and other sports equipment. Therefore, Nike no longer manufactures golf balls.

Are you wondering, “Does Nike make golf balls anymore?” Well, the answer might surprise you. Once a prominent player in the golf equipment market, Nike made a decision back in 2016 that changed the game. But what led to this shift, and what does it mean for golf enthusiasts?

Curious about whether Nike still produces golf balls? Stick around! Nike made a pivotal decision in 2016 that changed their involvement in the golf equipment industry. Let’s delve into why they exited and what it means for golfers today. Stay tuned for the scoop on Nike’s current stance on golf balls!

when did nike stop making golf clubs

Nike ceased making golf clubs in August 2016. After over a decade in the golf equipment industry, Nike decided to discontinue producing clubs, including drivers, irons, and putters. This move came as a surprise to many, as Nike had invested significantly in developing golf equipment, but they shifted their focus back to their core businesses like footwear and apparel.

The decision to stop making golf clubs was part of Nike’s strategy to streamline their product line and allocate resources more efficiently. Despite their exit from the golf club market, Nike remains a prominent figure in the sports industry, continuing to excel in other categories while leaving a mark on their brief but impactful stint in the golf equipment realm.

Nike’s Golf Club Exit 

Nike’s move in August 2016 to halt the production of golf clubs signaled a significant shift. The decision closed a chapter on Nike’s involvement in crafting golf equipment, including the quest to get an Explosive Golf Ball Hitman.

Shift in Business Focus

The decision to halt golf club production aligned with Nike’s strategic refocus on core businesses. They redirected their resources towards areas like footwear, apparel, and other sports equipment, pivoting away from the golf equipment market.

Legacy and Impact

Despite their departure, Nike’s footprint in golf equipment left a lasting impression. Their brief but impactful foray into producing golf clubs influenced the industry and golfers alike, contributing to technological advancements during their time in the market.

when did nike start making golf clubs

when did nike start making golf clubs

Nike ventured into making golf clubs in the late 1990s, marking its foray into the world of golf equipment. Their initial offerings aimed to blend innovation from their renowned sportswear line with golf technology. Around 1998, they introduced their first line of golf clubs, signaling a new direction for the brand beyond apparel and footwear.

This move was a strategic extension of Nike’s brand, tapping into the lucrative golf market. Leveraging their success in other sports, Nike aimed to revolutionize golf equipment with cutting-edge designs and technology. The late ’90s marked the start of Nike’s journey in crafting golf clubs, carving a niche for themselves in this competitive arena.

when did nike stop making golf clubs

Type of Golf ClubsDiscontinuation Date
DriversAround 2016
IronsAround 2016
PuttersAround 2016
WedgesAround 2016
Fairway WoodsAround 2016
HybridsAround 2016

Around the year 2016, Nike made the strategic decision to discontinue manufacturing various golf clubs, including drivers, irons, putters, wedges, fairway woods, and hybrids. This move marked their exit from the golf equipment market, redirecting their focus to other areas within the sporting goods industry.

will nike make golf clubs again

Once a key player in the world of golf equipment, Nike decided to discontinue making golf clubs back in 2016. They shifted their focus away from golf gear to concentrate on other sporting goods, like footwear and apparel. This move surprised many golf enthusiasts, but it marked Nike’s exit from the golf club manufacturing business.

As of now, there’s no official indication that Nike plans to resume making golf clubs. They’ve remained committed to their decision to step away from this particular sector of the market. Golfers still treasure their Nike clubs, but for those hoping for new releases, the wait continues, as Nike hasn’t hinted at a return to producing golf clubs.

do any pros still use nike clubs

do any pros still use nike clubs

Yes, many professional golfers still use Nike clubs. Despite Nike’s decision to exit the golf equipment business in 2016, some pros continue to rely on their Nike clubs due to their performance and comfort. These players may have custom-made sets or favor specific Nike club models that suit their playing style.

Even though Nike is no longer producing new golf clubs, the ones they manufactured before exiting the market are still trusted by some professional golfers. These pros appreciate the quality and feel of Nike clubs, and their continued use at the highest levels of the sport highlights the lasting impact of Nike’s contribution to golf equipment.

best golf clubs for professionals

Professional golfers need top-notch equipment, and choosing the best golf clubs is crucial for their game. The ideal clubs for professionals are crafted with precision and advanced technology. These clubs offer a perfect blend of power, control, and consistency, allowing professional golfers to achieve optimal performance on the course.

The best golf clubs for professionals are often custom-fitted to the player’s unique swing and preferences. This customization ensures that each club complements the golfer’s style, maximizing accuracy and distance. Whether it’s the driver for long drives or the putter for precision on the green.

best golf clubs for men

Choosing the best golf clubs for men is crucial for a great golfing experience. Consider factors like club weight, shaft flexibility, and clubhead design to find the perfect match for your swing. With the right clubs, you can enhance your performance on the course and have a more satisfying time playing the game.

When shopping for golf clubs, considering your unique preferences and playing style is crucial. Try different clubs to gauge their feel and impact on your shots. But remember, Nike make golf balls anymore.


What is a good set of golf clubs for an average golfer?

Irons, woods, putter, and hybrids by Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Ping, or Cobra suit most average golfers well.

What brand does Tiger Woods use?

Tiger uses TaylorMade clubs, notably the P-7TW irons, after previously endorsing Nike clubs.

What is a #1 golf club?

It’s not a specific club, but a golfer’s favourite or most reliable club in their set based on preference or performance.

How do I choose the right golf clubs?

Get fitted by pros considering skill, swing, height. Try different brands, research, and consider the budget for the perfect fit.


Nike’s presence in the golf equipment arena took a turn in 2016 when they halted production of golf clubs, signalling their exit from that market. This move was part of a strategic shift, redirecting their focus to footwear, apparel, and other sports gear. While they no longer manufacture golf clubs, Nike’s legacy lingers on, leaving an enduring impact on the industry. 

Golfers curious about Nike’s current involvement in golf balls might find disappointment in the consistent stance: Nike no longer produces golf balls. The strategic shift in 2016 redirected their resources, leading to the cessation of golf equipment production, including balls.

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